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If you're looking for an agency to help with buying or selling real estate, property management, or rental property located in the Lakeway and surrounding areas, you can trust the professionals at Wilson & Quarles Realty & Auction. Our Mission is to serve your real estate needs with nothing but the highest standard of excellence. Contact us today for more information!

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Wilson & Quarles Realty & Auction

1336 N Hwy 92

Jefferson City, TN 37760



(865) 475-4645


(865) 475-5783


Russell B. Quarles

(865) 850-2309

Doris Quarles

(865) 475-4645

Amy Q. Cate

(865) 389-3517

Linda Larrance

(865) 850-7876

Mendi Rose

(865) 440-3976

Randy Cate

(865) 414-4015

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