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Property Management Services

  • Market Analysis - optimizing the appropriate return on your investment
  • Rent Collection - rent is due between the 1st - 5th of each month
  • Procuring Tenants - someone(s) that will take care of the property
  • Detailed Applications - full credit history and criminal background checks
  • Low Vacancy - assuring that you get the most out of your property
  • Marketing & Advertisement - yard signs, social media, and website posts
  • Accounting Services - detailed monthly and yearly statements
  • Security Deposit - thorough post move-out inspections
  • Property Inspections - performed monthly or as needed
  • Air Filter -replacement at our expense on the fifth of each month
  • Management Agreements - customized to your preferred level of involvement 
  • Eviction Process - if we placed the problem tenants, we will handle it fully
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